Professional Makeup and Hair Stylist

Private lessons

In my one to one master classes you’ll learn to style your hair and use makeup as a professional.

In UK you can be trained on your premises anywhere in London and within 20 miles from it without extra payment. When I am in Moscow you can be trained in MiltonStudio.

Three courses at a choice:

The course lasts one day, after which you will be able to use makeup and style your hair professionally.

The course is designed for anyone with any level of skill, including people who have never or almost never used makeup. It is one to one training considering your preferences and individuality. You can act first under my supervision and then independently.


Who is the course make-up and styling hair yourself for?

It is for those who:

It is also for those who have been taught in a group but is not disillusioned. There are too many people, everything is too quick and too superficial or on the contrary too long and too detailed. These are two extremes that often meet.I could make the course last longer from a few days to a few weeks but I prefer to be honest.

How does the course differ from the professional one?
The course is designed for you to work on your appearance yourself. The types of face and methods of their oration are not seen into.
We don’t go into different ways of working with different types of hair. We concentrate on your individuality and your needs avoiding what you see but don’t need in group training sessions. That’s why one day of individual training is equal to a week of classical training in a group.

The professional course is for those who will work with various types of images with accent on bridal or fashion images. It is of no relevance to those who is not planning to work for beauty industry. After a professional aster class you get a certificate. You don’t need it for yourself. You need sill.

Where do training sessions take place?
I can get to you place in London or within 20 miles from London without extra pay. When I am in Moscow you can be trained in my studio in the centre of Moscow at Polyanka underground station. You will not be disturbed, there will only be two of us.

What days do you work?
On any day of the week if there are no other commitments. If a training session is planned in London or some other country in Europe we can agree upon a convenient time when I am close to your place.

What if I don’t understand?
It is quite natural. Then the course is altered, everything is repeated and the lesson continues as long as required if necessary. The course is designed for an untrained student. I’m 100% responsible and I do my best. Anyone wishing to learn and ready to use the acquired skill later in life will succeed in learning. If you don’t use the skill you will lose but this is true of any education you get.

Do I need to buy makeup and anything else?
At my lessons I supply all you need and I advise you on the minimum you will require to start with. I also supply your Face chart – it is a scheme of your face with the required materials, the direction of strokes and layers stated. I use MAC, Bobbi Brown, Make Up For Ever. If you bring your own makeup tool we will consider its qualities and possibilities for further use.

May I make a gift of a course or ask to make a gift for myself?
Yes. You can have an electronic gift certificate with the name of the receiver and the giver.
Choose the course you require. Name any two months in a year to get the training. Contact me. After a discussion of some minor particulars you will get the card account details for payment.
Within three days after payment you will get the certificate of title in you e-mail, the link to the hidden page with your personal data
If you require you can get a print out of the gift certificate on order.

Can two people have a training session?
They can but you must understand the price will increase by 50%. It is important that the two people have similar starting skills. Otherwise I wouldn’t recommend it.

How to schedule a lesson or ask something?

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